Restore Africa

Restore Africa non-profit organization dedicated to making higher quality, more affordable healthcare a reality across Africa. Restore Africa is an umbrella of Health and Mental Health Professionals that includes Medical officers , psychiatrists, Clinical psychologists, Psychologists  sociologists ,occupational therapists, nurses ,spiritual counsellors, researchers and other professionals working together to promote all round quality care for patients and the community across the globe.

Restore Africa specializes in health systems capacity building, research and community development and outreaches. The institute pools together a large body of researchers of diverse backgrounds drawn from different countries in Africa with vast experience in both Research and Treatment Management of Health and Mental Health conditions across the globe. The community health and mental health professionals work within the community to develop and teach health and mental health wellness programs for all age groups across the globe as the accommodate even the vulnerable.

Restore Africa overview

Our vision

Our vision is to be reputable international center of Health and Mental Health professionals making a sustainable contribution to the reduction of ill-health and mental health challenges and poverty forming partnership for equitable access to the essential elements of dignified community of nation.

Our mission

Restructuring and strengthening the capacities of health and mental health institutions to ensure effective and holistic care for Health and Mental Health Development across the globe.

Dove International Mental Health center

We specialize in the long-term residential and non-residential treatment of psychiatric disorders with intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy and a full range of psychiatric services, offered in a completely voluntary continuum of care that includes inpatient and outpatient residential, and day-treatment services.

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Dr Peter Onyango
Founder & CEO, Restore Africa

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